what if?

What if this is happening for us, not to us? What if the crumbling systems need to crumble? What if the same systems need to crumble in you and I? What if a 'new normal' first needed the 'old normal' to be gone? What if we were never  going to let it go easily? What... Continue Reading →


Over there where I'm perfect and beautiful and sure and people know who I am feels exhausting. And yet so much of me seems to grasp for it, until I stop thinking and yearning for a there and love the soft, warm, roundness of here with all its imperfections and anonymity.

Ask the question

The honest reality is that asking big questions is scary. The ground feels a little less certain than it once did. You have a sense that if you ask this one, whatever the answer, there are likely a bucket load more that will tumble out. It is the start of the unravelling, you can sense it, and even the brave amongst us know that unravelling a whole life, a whole faith, a whole identity, a whole relationship, a whole way of being in the world IS NOT EASY.


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