I choose

the legacy of being told who to be lives on. Even in the boldest of us, it takes time and intention to shed a lifetime of shoulds. But each time we choose to pick up an ounce of permission to choose and change, we find a new sense of freedom to unbecome what we are supposed to be and to start becoming who we really are.

to those in cages

Start where you are, nudge yourself to the edges, refuse to give up, little by little... you can find freedom, you can re-create a new way, you can do this. In fact, this might be the exactly conditions you needed to realise just how freaking strong you really are.

finding jigsaw pieces

Clarity around who you are will give you the tools to stop reacting to every wave of emotion or situational change. Instead you can be at a place of choice and purpose.

what do you know?

There is so much unknown in this season, and living with so many unknowns is disorientating and anxiety creating. We cannot change the things we 'don't know' but we can take a moment to ground ourselves by naming and recognising what we do know.

an introduction to reform

My job as a life coach is to walk people through re-forming areas of their life that no longer work. I wasn't expecting to do this, but as we find ourselves thrown into a global shift... I wondered if this journey would be helpful to those finding themselves needing a new normal. We begin tomorrow.... Continue Reading →


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