blessing & pain

I have been wondering if this pandemic, the quarantine, the quick flip upside down of normal life is a blessing or a curse. And then I moved to wonder 'what if this is both pain and blessing?'

light & shadow

We are seeing the best and worst of humanity because we are all being squeezed by the realities of the pandemic and quarantine. But this is just a magnification of what is true in every moment of every day.


I usually distract or numb out of loneliness but instead of pulling out too quickly, I am beginning to allow myself to sink into it to learn what can only be found underneath the fear.


i wonder what will be permanently changed and what will be return again someday. i wonder about the stories we'll tell the generations later who didn't live through this. i wonder how it'll change the world. i wonder how it'll change me.

what if?

What if this is happening for us, not to us? What if the crumbling systems need to crumble? What if the same systems need to crumble in you and I? What if a 'new normal' first needed the 'old normal' to be gone? What if we were never  going to let it go easily? What... Continue Reading →

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