in your locked room

To any of you in a locked room, stuck in there for fear of what is on the other side. I hope you will find a voice of love and peace and life magically pop up in that room, and say hello. Whatever form that takes, I should simply say 'hello' back and take it from there.

north star

The difference between cultural success drivers and a North Star is that when you reach it, you actually feel like you came home. And honestly, I think we're all just trying to find our way home.

inspiration and village elders

One of the things I want for this blog is that I can share the story of other people who are reforming, changing and busting boundaries that have held them in too small, too stuck places for too long. I have my own areas of reform and deconstruction - faith, femininity, marriage and motherhood being the main four with a thousand other areas woven in to different degrees. Some of you will share these areas but others of you will be drawn here for the conversation but not necessarily the commonalities

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